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It’s a lovely testimonial from our guestbooks

I’m happy with my dental implants!

„The Implantcentre were terrific. I found them to be first class in everything and Dr Atilla was absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to go back in 6 months time for the final surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend the Implant centre and would be prepared to be a reference point if you have anybody who needs to talk to a satisfied customer.

Thank you for all your help.”

Best Regards,


„I am in fact very impressed with the clinic and the treatment I have received there. Everyone was very helpful and friendly, and the assessment and treatment seemed both very professional and very personal. In short, I am really happy that I did go to the clinic you suggested, and I’d be really grateful if you could pass my thanks and greetings to Dr Attila Kaman and Dr Gusztav Klenk, who are the two dentists who treated me, and to their cheerful and friendly helpers at the clinic I’m afraid I don’t know their names.”


„Just a short note to thank you for all your help with my teeth bookings: The service you provide is excellent and I chose you between 4 dental companies. Good luck for the future.”

Kind Regards

Kirsty M.

„Thanks very much. Yes, I enjoy my smile every single day. :- And I am a good ambassador for your clinic as I recommend you to many people. I would be happy for you to give my mobile phone details out to anyone in the UK you wished to get a 2nd opinion on using your surgery. I am deeply grateful for your excellent professional services. I did much research for months before choosing your clinic and my efforts proved very beneficial as I think I made the best choice. Thank to all at the Implant Centre and especially Dr Nemeth.”

Kind Regards,

John D.

„Dear Dr Kaman, I must write to you saying what a fantastic Job you made of my teeth bottom jaw and lower jaw. Dr Zsuzsanna was just marvelous. The top denture feels just like my own teeth and very comfortable. Very little food gets trapped underneath and I only take my dentures out to clean after I have eaten. The bottom denture is OK but not as good as the top. So if in the future I can have bone grafting in my bottom Jaw so that I can have implants placed this is what I would like to do. Please let me know when this would be possible.”

Best regards,

J. & G. I.

„Dear Dr Attila, I would like to thank you for helping me having my treatment in your clinic. Your gentleness and professionalism is recognised worldwide. Also a special thanks to Dr LANTOS János and Dr KLENK Gusztáv and to assure them that everything is fine. It has been a pleasure to be in your premises, and I want to congratulate you and your colleagues for their professionalism and kindness. I recommended (already) your cabinet to all my friends and colleagues interested. Wish you all the best in your future activities.”

Best regards,


„…I am very happy with the results with my treatment at the clinic. Please thank Dr Nemeth and Dr Attila for their professional attitude and attention they put into their work – they have been just brilliant all the way through from beginning to end. You can tell Dr Nemeth that I am now smiling again”

Kind regards

Sandra B.

„Would you please pass on my thanks to Dr Lantos (a very charming and dedicated professional man) for his ability to organise the replacement broken temporary and fit it the same day, and to Dr Kaman for his excellent surgery skills in fitting the 8 implants and the bone grafts with such speed and skill, (a very confidant Dr with a great reassuring personality). And to all the rest of the staff at the implant centre that all play there part equally as well. I will try to do my best to be sensible with my eating habits and avoid compromising the temporary dentures for the next six months.”

Graham Richards

„The new teeth feel exactly like the rest of my teeth and even my own daughter can’t tell which are the new ones because they match so perfectly. Please pass my thanks to Dr. Karman and Dr. Lantos and also to the technician (unfortunately I don’t know her name) who did such a brilliant job. The whole team looked after me so well. I understand from Dr. Lantos that I need a check-up in a year’s time. Is that something that you alert me to or do I need to contact you for an appointment”

Thanks once again to you all,


„The results I am very happy with and all I have had is positive comments from various people who all have said that what a great smile you have. I had a good smile before but not great teeth and I feel a lot better within myself now so send my regards to Georg. So far so good and no problems following on from the visit.”

Kind regards,


„Just a word of thanks for everything. The correspondence and the hotel bookings etc. I had my final 2 days work yesterday and Weds. I ended up having quite extensive work undertaken, much more than I anticipated But I had confidence in the staff there, and I chose the best implants and materials etc. Overall, well worth the almost 10,000 money. I’m very pleased with the Clinic, and the results. Special thanks to all the Staff especially Suzanne and Sylvia and Attila and also the technicians who were most helpful. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff at the Implant Centre.”

Kind Regard,

Mark B.

„…It is nearly three weeks since I last saw Dr Lantos and I can say I am very pleased with the results. I have been impressed by the polite efficient manner of the Implant center team and the clear expertise of Dr Attila Kámán and Dr János Lantos.”

Kind regards,


„Dr Kaman,

Thank you again for the excellent treatment I have received from you and the staff at the Implantcenter. I will be back in the clinic on the 29th of May and hope you are available for a brief chat – you will be seeing my brother in law next week, after several other UK referrals, so it will be good to discuss our continued relationship.”

Best Regards

David S.

„The trip was great, the work seems excellent. I know a lot of people have the work done in this country but they don’t do it ‘all at once’ so it was quite a long day Monday having the treatment. However the dentist was extremely friendly, considerate and did a fantastic job, and I decided to have additional treatment too. The end product looks very natural. The Apartment was excellent value for money, the taxis were always on time and in the most, chatty. I’ll certainly do it again – assuming I’ll need to.”

Best regards,

Symon H.

„I am so very grateful for the attitude and commitment to everyone I’ve ever have encountered.

The doctor (Dr. Tari) was a “hero”… professional, courteous, generous, polite … and gave more of his time and professional ability than is considered the norm today.

Once again a BIG thank you.”

Seriously … thank you.

Kevin Quinn

„Dear all,
It’s been a long year since my consultation in London but its been worth every day. I would like to thank you for every thing the results are amazing and worth the pain. Could you thank the whole team on my behalf especially Dr Kaman,Dr Gustav and Dr Lantos who was very funny and helped to take my mind off the treatment.”

Once again a BIG thank you.

Yours faithfully,