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Wisdom teeth are unnecessary, yet they can seriously make your everyday life miserable.

Don’t suffer any more! Wisdom tooth extraction is the perfect solution to the pain and discomfort. With modern dental techniques, we can painlessly remove the problematic wisdom teeth, so you can enjoy life with a smile again!

What can you expect, if you DON’T treat your wisdom tooth and get an infection?

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When do we recommend wisdom tooth extraction?

  1. Lack of space in your mouth:
  • If there is no sufficient space for a wisdom tooth to grow, it may push the neighbouring teeth, which can lead to congestion and orthodontic problems.
  • Crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, which increases the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.


  1. Abnormal position:
  • Wisdom teeth often grow in incorrect positions, such as horizontally, crooked, or towards the roots of a neighbouring tooth.
  • This abnormal position may cause pain, inflammation, and other complications.


  1. Inflammation:
  • An incorrectly growing wisdom tooth can often get infected, which can cause painful inflammation.
  • The infection may also spread to the neighbouring tissue and bones.


  1. Cysts and tumours:
  • Around an untreated wisdom tooth cysts and tumours may form.
  • These complications can damage the neighbouring teeth and bones as well.


  1. Orthodontics:
  • In certain cases, before installing braces, wisdom teeth must be removed.
  • This provides the needed space to move the teeth into their ideal positions.

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* A Panoramic X-ray is required to develop a personalised, accurate treatment plan, which costs £52.