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Toothaches can lead to more serious consequences:

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What can cause toothache?

A tooth that is decayed or inflamed can cause extreme pain, but even a more severe gingivitis can cause significant suffering that requires immediate treatment.

In which cases should you see a dentist right away?

  • if the pain you experience is persistent,
  • if the pain you feel comes and goes,
  • if you experience occasional severe sensitivity or shooting pains when eating…

One fact is for sure, if you feel any pain, it’s a sign of a problem. Don’t wait until it gets worse and swells up, don’t delay, consult our dental experts as soon as possible.

You have nothing to fear because we always place the patient first, so be sure an empathetic, caring team is waiting for you at our clinic.

Early diagnosis and timely treatment can help prevent more serious problems!

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Remember, toothache is not meant to play!

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